Educational Offering

Olive Branch Christian School is proud to offer a Christian education through the use of a “Classical Education” program. Through the methodology of a Classical Education the students are taught the tools of learning and are trained to use these tools in the areas of academics and arts so that they master the subjects for themselves and become independent lifelong learners. Classical education is used to educate children in a Christian worldview concerning the Creation, the Fall, and the Redemption and instruct them to take up the tools of learning to glorify their Creator. You can find more information on Classical Educations here.



OBCS accepts new students for Kindergarten through 8th Grade on a continual basis limited only to classroom size. Click on the “Admissions” tab under “Academy” for more information to enroll your child.


OBCS Preschool accepts applications for preschool children on an ongoing basis limited only to classroom size as mandated by the state. To enroll your child go to the “Enrollment” tab under “Preschool” for more information. We look forward to having your child as one of our treasured children.


PIPP is a parent-run organization that was establish for the purpose of encouraging families to get involved in activities and events at the Academy.  More information can be found under “PIPP” under “Academy”.


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